Sunday 25 January 2015


Well, what a fantastic first week it was for all of us, coaches and Warrior recruits alike! It was a real buzz having so many old and new friends join us - and seeing them all work so hard and with so much determination. Now comes the hard bit - we all have to maintain the enthusiasm to keep attending regularly - whatever our personal aims.

And don't forget the little talk I gave most of you. If you want to lose weight, try to come to a session on an empty stomach. You want the exercise to burn your body fat, not the sugars you have just eaten! Likewise try not to eat sugar and carbs for a couple of hours afterwards, so you also get the best effect from the 'afterburn'. But it's OK to eat protein (meat, soy, tofu, eggs etc), vegetables and fruit.

Think you're having problems fitting exercise into your busy day?

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