Tuesday 21 April 2015


At the Trail Running Forum (Sunday, Sutera Harbour), both main speakers emphasized that training should focus on strength rather than running. Vlad Ixel, currently 100k trail champion throughout SE Asia, said quite specifically: out of say 10 hrs training a week, no more than 3 or 4 should be running. The other 6-7 hrs should be spent on improving strength, balance & agility. Exactly what we've been doing for you at Warrior! He also emphasized the importance of core strength! And he also recommended lots of glute training ie lunges for downhill running.

Both talked at length about nutrition, and had the same basic message: avoid all processed foods!
It was nice to find that the experts agree with us. See you all at the next session. Don't forget - Fitter, Faster, Tougher, Stronger. whatever your chosen sport.

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